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Name:Kiara Evers
Birthdate:Dec 19
Kiara Evers. She's known to be quiet, a little withdrawn. Sometimes talking to herself softly. Things also seem to be a little to dark around her. Like shes in a shadow even when in direct sunlight.

This is all because she isn't human. Not completely anyway. She's a shadow being, half shadow herself. Her form is naturally a bit fuzzy around the edges and she's not entirely solid. She can take completely to shadow, and can take a solid form. She tries to stay solid, but it takes some effort so she slips occasionally. That's why she often sticks with shadows.

Speaking of shadows, being half shadow herself every shadow i the world is her kin. brothers, sisters, and cousins. And they talk to her, all the time. whispering the things they see to her. So she often knows more than she should. but she does her best to keep the secrets.

She's also host to the oldest shadow. A draconic being who much of the time is dormant. But if she calls on him, he comes. And if she is in real danger, he asserts himself to protect his newest host. He is very fond of her after all, and does not want to find a new person to live with.

She also owns a vampire ca and makes chocolate as a hobby.

This is an RP journal only. Mun and Muse both well over 18.
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